Open House

Attend Open House! PROUD parents, students, teachers, financial supports, board members, support service providers, elected officials, PROUD partners, and community folks.

Nonprofit Advocacy? Yes, You Can, Yes You Must!

We’re angry and offended, but also energized. It’s time for all our nonprofits to step-up their advocacy efforts. The “how to” and “how to fund” questions are easier than you think. It’s an urgent time, so let’s get the conversation started.

Mukwonago River Watershed – Wisconsin

A mosaic of forest, wetlands, savannas, rivers and lakes, the Mukwonago River Watershed is a natural treasure in the southern Kettle Moraine about 35 minutes from Milwaukee.

Hoh River Rainforest – Washington

The mossy Hoh River is among Washington’s most iconic places. Clear and undammed, the river hosts one of the healthiest wild salmon runs in the Lower 48 states.

Lake Ramsay Preserve – Louisiana

Lake Ramsay Preserve supports a significant tract of intact pine flatwood wetlands in southeast Louisiana. It supports high quality examples of longleaf pine flatwood savanna, longleaf pine flatwoods and small stream forest.

The Bear River – Utah

The 500-mile Bear River—the longest river in the U.S. that does not empty into an ocean—is a priority for The Nature Conservancy and its partners. The river’s terminus is the Great Salt Lake, a globally significant migratory stopover for millions of shorebirds and waterfowl.