I'm starting a blog...

I’ve had the urge to start a blog for a while now which is weird because I am not a writer, but there are things I feel passionately about that I would like say! Most of these things are related to sustainability and the environment.

I’ve always innately been a bit of an environmentalist. Earth Day at school in the 90s was the most interesting, hopeful, exciting day. It’s still one of my favorite days of the year. I have vivid memories of Earth Day, in 3rd grade I believe, when an organization came and brought a giant blow up earth into the gym and gave presentations while we sat inside. I don’t remember the organization or exactly what they talked about, but it was magical. I remember images of birds and rivers and all the things we can do to stop pollution, etc. I felt empowered as a kid to help the planet.

Fast forward to 2019 — Brian and I are doing amazing reducing our waste. We hardly produce much trash, we’ve made zero or low waste swaps for a lot of things, we are pescatarian, we recycle, we bring our reusables out to restaurants, etc. — I felt really good about the actions we were able to take in our own home and community to reduce waste.

Then 2020 happened — Living through this pandemic for the past two years really derailed my efforts. In order to avoid exposure to the virus, I started having my groceries delivered through Instacart which resulted in accumulating tons of plastic shopping bags, we utilized food delivery with apps like GrubHub resulting in takeout waste, I no longer had a recycling center in the city that we lived in, worldwide masks (which are a necessity right now) were/are producing tons of waste, etc. I lost my sustainability drive for a while because it all felt pretty hopeless. I think every one who tries to do their best for the planet probably feels that way at some point though. We are fighting the system at every turn. Systemic change is needed. 

Recently, I stumbled across Shelbizleee’s YouTube channel and it has reignited the fire of environmentalism in me and I am ready for a fresh invigorating start in 2022. 

So, here on this blog, I will show you easy zero/low waste swaps that I have made and encourage you to try a few. Anything you can do is great. We need lots of people lowering their consumption of resources in any way that they are able. We don’t have to do everything perfectly, but we can all care about the planet and the people in it by learning how things are produced and how the stuff we buy and throw away affects the planet. When it comes to these easy swaps, the goal is to support brands who are doing amazing, GOOD things and permanently reduce the amount of resources being demanded by all the stuff people purchase. I have learned a ton of new information and ways of doing things just in the past couple weeks while watching Shelbi’s videos and am excited to put them into action.